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Brain............. boxes all the way down and all the way up.

What's going on in my mind as Paul gave us the impression that the brain is a bunch of boxes within a larger box is that we may only be "scratching the surface" of the matter with reference to our investigation and research as a whole.

I'm having this impression because from our discussions so far, it gets to a stage where we stop investigating the boxes as we go inwards (towards the neurons) and also as we go outwards (into the universe as a whole).

To be more explicit, by outwards I mean going out of the brain (as a box) into it’s immediate environment and further out into the rest the world, then our solar system, our galaxy, intergalactic realm, universe and so on without any end in site.

The whole things is quite exciting and as Paul said we can't really get to the end of anything, we just have to continue investigating (both outwards and inwards) without really hoping to have any end in site. This is science and the essence of our existence.


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