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The brain and neuron activity?

The real brain {nervous system} to me, has more of the self-operating boxes, those without any input to create output, than the boxes that accept input to create output. So then I believe te brain is not just a box like that. It is interesting to note that how we put things together matters more than what we actually put together.

Since all animals have brains/ spinal cords, but only mammals have the neocortex, does that explain the differences between the behaviors of all animals?

How about the story of not using our brain to the fullest capacity? I would have prefered to believe this story so that I can believe that my students have a lot of room for improvement. If the other side is true then we will begin to make excuses for our laxities, our weaknesses.

Interneurons are supposedly about 99.99% of the the neurons. Does this mean that people that are slow in processing information or any form of input have defective interneurons or what?


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