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science and religion

You're not the only way comfortable with such a resolution. Cf The Life of Faith is Not a Life Without Doubt and, more generally, Science and Spirit and Evolution and Intelligent Design.

On the flip side, there remain many people on both sides of the divide who are not comfortable with resolutions of any kind. And there are some serious matters at issue that go beyond the science/religion debate (cf Fundamentalism and Relativism: Finding a New Direction, Science/Religion Clash?, On Being a Lonely Atheist, and The Perils and Potentials of "I Believe".

Can we create a human culture in which everyone is comfortable with the tentativeness not only of scientific knowledge but of all knowledge, whatever its origins? In which its is not only the "reproducible" that is the subject of inquiry and challenge but also the idiosyncratic? In which everyone (ourselves included) treats "elucidation" as the best route to "edification"?


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