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contributions by students and faculty (in reverse chronological order):

Religion and the Brain Faiza Mahmood

Searching for God Within Jennifer Lam

The Perils and Potentials of "I Believe ..." Paul Grobstein

Neurobiology and Theology: Friends or Foes? Mariya Simakova

Science as Storytelling or Story Telling? A Conversation About...Science (and Religion)
Barry Bickmore, David Grandy, and Paul Grobstein

The Self as an Outdoor Market Roy Gathercoal and Anne Dalke

An Earring Catechesis and a Call to Prayer Linda-Susan Beard

De-Centered Selves Learn to Self-Organize Anne Dalke and Roy Gathercoal

Science and Religion, Faith and Revision: A Conversation Kate Shiner, Anne Dalke, Ann Dixon and Paul Grobstein

Religion as Testing: Another Sort of Story Revising Anne Dalke

Science: Be Not Afraid Kate Shiner

Vulnerability as Truth: Working "without a conscience or an aim" Bob Brookover and Anne Dalke

"The Grace of Revision": Making Community in Public Anne Dalke and Friends' Association of Higher Education

Once Upon a Time: The Satisfying Experiment of a Quaker Writing Group
Anne Dalke, Barbara Dixson, Mike Heller, David Ross and Deborah Shaw

"We Make the Road by Walking": A Panel Discussion About Using the Web for Educational Purposes
Anne Dalke, Steve Gilbert and Paul Grobstein

Finding the Language of Peace Anne Dalke

Irreligious Researchers Differ in Their Views on Faith Steven Benowitz,
with an interview of Paul Grobstein and other scientists

Mind and Body: Rene Descartes to William James Robert H. Wozniak

On Being a Lonely Atheist Natalie Angier with comments by Paul Grobstein

The Physical and the Spiritual: A Conversation About "How To Get Through the Veil"
Jeanne-Rachel Salomon, Paul Grobstein and Anne Dalke

Silence is the Winter Name of God Sister Linda-Susan Beard

Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach Anne Dalke

Buddhist Meditation and Personal Construct Psychology Pilou Thirakoul

The Material Nature of Spirituality Savithri Ekanayake

Morality: Biologically Based? Alexis Hilts

The Mystery of Morality: Can Biology Help? Anne Sullivan

Religion versus Science

Seizures and the Sight of God Isabella Eguae-Obazee

You think therefore I am? Jakki Rowlett


contributions by fellow travelers:

A time to.... Dr. Eugene Bay

Travelogue from Inner and Outer Spaces Jeanne-Rachel Salomon

Psychopomp Jeanne-Rachel Salomon

From A Shamanic Practitioner’s Diary Jeanne-Rachel Salomon

The Life of Faith is Not a Life Without Doubt Lindon Eaves

The Inclined Plane of Morality Gautam Sen


forum discussions on Serendip:

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Forum, College Seminar Spring 2001

Forum 7, College Seminar Fall 2002

Forum 9, College Seminar Fall 2002

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