S C I E N C E & S P I R I T


Serendip and the Center for Science in Society at Bryn Mawr aims to facilitate broad conversations about the natural world and humanity's place in it. Much exploration in this realm has occurred at those places where the academic and religious life intersect. This site has been established to further that discussion.

Sharon Burgmayer and Anne Dalke are colleagues at Bryn Mawr College who have created this website as a place, and an invitation, for those interested in seeking common ground in the exploration of science and religion. We issue this invitation from Bryn Mawr, an historically Quaker college which has, for the past hundred years, been guided by a rigorously secular vision. Sharon is a Presbyerian, Anne a Quaker; both of them see their religious lives as entirely congruent with their intellectual work as college professors and researchers.

The exploratory seeking that Quakers call "continuing revelation," the process of constantly "testing" in a social context, against what others know, what one knows oneself, against new experience and new information...are activities that, ideally, can be practiced in both the religious and the intellectual realms.

We invite you, here, into that practice.

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