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Influence over Time and Space - June 2003


It was at Dzibilchaltun ("To Write on Flat Stones"), one of the most important Mayan centers in pre-Columbian Yucatan, in March of 2003. I was sitting in front of the Temple of the Seven Dolls, so famous for the effect of the astronomic phenomenon during the equinox (photo). Immersed in meditation, I gazed down along the old ceremonial road that leads up to the temple.

A scene unfolded in front of my inner eye: it was the morning of the equinox; a procession of ceremonially dressed men, Elders or Wise Ones, approached the temple; they climbed up the steep steps and entered the temple through the western gate right at the moment when the rising sun penetrated it from the East. As the sun's enormous shaft of light passed through the temple like a thread through the eye of a needle, the temple's interior became permeated with an intense orange-red energy. The sunlight seemed to take on physical quality inside the sanctuary, and the whole temple began to glow. The Elders submerged in the light-energy as if becoming one with it. When they exited at the other side of the temple, they were radiating and in a state of rapture.  

At this moment I understood that the phenomenon of the equinox was not just an admired astronomic happening. It was a sacred event, whose power was utilized for the initiation of priests into a higher spiritual order. The ceremony was reserved for the most advanced adepts among the Elders.




Some time later I had the chance to convey my vision to Hunbatz Men, the leader of our pilgrimage to various Mayan centers. Hunbatz Men is the current Mayan Wisdom Keeper and their revered spiritual guide; he is also an eminent researcher into Mayan history and culture. Hunbatz simply stated that what I had seen in my vision was correct, that the phenomenon of the equinox had indeed been utilized for the initiation of a select group of priests, who became infused with the light of the sun and hence after were known to be able to levitate.


The fact that I had the vision was hardly a surprise to me as I frequently go out on journeys into other realms of reality. Yet the intriguing question remained: where had my vision come from, and what had prompted it?
The British biologist Rupert Sheldrake introduces in his book The Presence of the Past the hypothesis of morphic resonance, which, unlike other forms of resonance "does not involve a transfer of energy from one system to another, but rather a non-energetic transfer of information [stored in so-called morphogenetic fields]." However," Sheldrake continues, "morphic resonance does resemble the known kinds of resonance [acoustic, electro-magnetic, electron-spin, nuclear-magnetic] in that it takes place on the basis of rhythmic patterns of activity." And because all organisms are structures of activity, "they undergo rhythmic oscillations, vibrations, periodic movements, or cycles at every level of organization" (Sheldrake 1995:108). Sheldrake argues, that, through resonance, past patterns of activity influence the fields of subsequent similar systems over space and time (ibid 1995:109).



Mayan wisdom maintains that all forms of life are a reflection of cosmic consciousness, and therefore are part of the same energy-entity. Predating modern scientific findings of material being essentially energy, the Mayans e.g. define spirit as solar energy, manifesting itself through the soul as life and material existence (Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion, Hunbatz Men 1990:24). They call human beings children of the sun. Their word for the human body (mind included) is vessel of vibration. In this vessel, the Mayans insist, all the knowledge of the universe resides.

Could it be that during my meditation at Dzibilchaltun my body-mind, this "vessel of vibration," had reached a rhythmic pattern that resonated, over time and space, with a former similar system? And as the two systems oscillated at the same frequency, insight into a practice of the past was sympathetically activated, set free and dispatched into a Now, where past, present and future are a continuum of implicate thought forms and explicate manifestations of such?

Jeanne-Rachel Salomon

June 2003


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