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Thinking about integrating

Thinking about integrating our ways of thinking

Skimming through the Science and Knowledge topic, I came across one component of real science in this world; the ability to evaluate “the significance of evidence.” Thinking about this, I feel as though this concept is not emphasized strongly enough to students when first understanding the role science (using science, being a scientist, etc.). If this were not the case, discussions regarding creationism and evolution would not as heated an argument as it has been.
Most of the times the past science examples that have been refuted are simply told to the students, not presented to the class to facilitate the development of inquiry skills and come to the story’s (inevitable?) rejection him/herself. When stressing the significance of scientific stories, like those surrounding Bohr’s models, student’s will react with a deeper comprehension of the science behind it and not consider it mentioning a superfluous recap on past scientific gone wrong. They will better appreciate the models that have lead up to what is currently the most less-wrong story about life because they will be actively exercising their brains when criticizing each past story.


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