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Field Noted for Placement

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First Day;

My first visit to my placement was a simple meet and greet with the teacher that I could have possibly been doing it with. Before arriving, I knew that I would be placed in a special education classroom with high school aged students. The school, Charming High, is a school that I had heard a lot about precious to my visit. Many of my peers had worked at it before and I knew that Bryn Mawr has a strong connection with it.

To get to Charming High, I rode the el into the city and got off in a brand new area. Not knowing what the school looked like, I followed directions given to me. As I walked through the neighborhood, the first thing I noticed was a huge vacant building, with a chain link fence filled with dead shrubbery, and boarded up windows. It was really a sight to see. On the walk to the school, I noticed a number of schools o n the way, and multiple housing complexes. Once I turned the corner toward Charming High, the first thing I noticed was a large stone building, a factory looking smoke stack and a small wall filled with colorful murals. I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between the two. Unfortunately, the school’s architecture reminded me of a prison. Grey walls, generic windows and stone walls.


After speaking to her (Ms. Morrow) one on one, I got to game time with some of the students. I ended up playing jacks with three students, all of which were all very different. P; very vocal, no problem talking to teachers and letting them know what he was thinking about. CK; didn’t use his words at all. Very bubbly and smiley, exciting to playing Jacks in general and with a new person. I could see that he was trying to do his best, I had complmented him the first time I saw him pick up all the jacks at the same time. Rs; vocal, but to himself. Mumbles under his breath, and to others, letting players know it is their turn. He seemed to become frustrated by CK showing off. He tried to skip his turn but I intervene asking if CK has had his turn and in response he gives the ball and jacks to CK. 


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playing jacks


You describe your approach to the school as somewhat foreboding.  In terms of physical space, what about once you were inside the school and the classroom?  What was the teacher like?  Your notes capture your initial sense of the students you were playing with (I love jacks, am a bit surprised they're still playing this).  I'd like to hear more about these students' appearances, gestures, etc. that made you come to these initial impressions.