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Musings on Howards End

So, Howards End, a very interesting read.  This is the first time I have read the book, though I saw the movie years ago and remember next to nothing about the plot, so it’s a surprise all over again!  It’s funny though, the only image I can clearly recall from the movie is that of Mrs. Wilcox on page four, “Trail, trail, went her long dress over the sopping grass…”  Perhaps this is not such a coincidence though, because the description of Mrs. Wilcox exemplifies the style of the book for me, a kind of rich description and detail that gives the reader a sense of intimate knowledge of the situation.  Forester’s layered descriptive ability is mirrored in the complexity of many of the main themes, the delicate interplay between classes and sexes at the turn of the century.  I’m not sure how to tie all of this neatly into evolution, but I think after finishing the book, and especially after comparing it to Zadie Smith’s work, all will become clear.


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