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Diversify the members in the discussion

More on an interdisciplinary →transdisciplinary education

After reading a posting made in the Neural and Behavioral Science senior seminar course talk about “mental diversity’s” ability to reduce the number of times people say “I agree” in a discussion I would like to propose another change to the way in which classes are set up. What if all senior seminar classes, or at the very least the discussion held there, involved students from other seminars. I thought of this because what I find to be a great thing about liberal arts colleges is the fact that students can enter a class with an incredibly wide range of knowledge gained from the many different the types of courses the school offers. And so to supplement the prerequisites associated with more advanced classes like senior seminar courses that move beyond establishing major concepts in a particular area of study and incorporates more discussion-based learning, similarly leveled classes should take part in conversations together to challenge current understandings even further and potentially in a new way.


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