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class notes from day 9 (remember when...)

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Instructions for submitting papers
Visit with Paul Grobstein
    Thinking about what came before blogging
    Going hi-tech with a blackboard
Why do we talk?
    Go crazy if didn’t
    Get point across
    Need help
    To try to express oneself to others
    Figure out what you yourself think
    Be understood
    To cause trouble
    Be powerful
    Validate/support others
Why do others talk?
    To fill the silence
    Be heard
    Feel important
    To be doing something bc nervous
    To dominate a situation
    To change people’s minds
    To get a reaction
    Responding to other people
    Out of obligation
Why do we read?
    To learn
    For fun
    To escape
    To improve our writing
    Follow instructions
    To find something to relate to
    To hear what another person thinks
Is reading different from talking?
    Some things on both lists?
    Talking is a back and forth/reading is receptive
    Talking is more socially intimate than reading
Why do we write?
    More private
    More controlled
more permanent so mistakes are more serious
Pole of who likes reading, writing, and talking to find the difference?
    Talking has an immediacy that writing doesn’t have
    Less audience dependent
    Talking is more spontaneous
Social interactions
How do these lists help us understand conversation and its higher technology elements
Risks of false information vs. learning and inspiration
    Who has the authority to speak?
You can be sure of communication as social grooming
Communication of truth and reality we cant be sure of
    So what does that leave to talk about?
Talking to listen?
Truth and reality are subjective
    Not generalizable
    People keep searching and so communicating
    Truth by consensus
Loopy science
Elucidation vs. edification
Talking makes the world the way it is
We’re selfish, putting ourselves at the center of the universe
Conversation creates the world
Experience with chatter breaking down a category
    The power of chatter
        Especially in the last 50 years
Chatter as a dismissive term for talk, conversation, discussion
Shared process of constructing new worlds
    What problems does this suggest?
    How does that relate to being
Vote on how many of us think that there will be things that have never existed before in the future?
    Are wheels new?
What is new in the future is something that we can not now conceive
    Motivation for conversation
How many of us think we can create something new?
Creating new understandings
Questions, babies,
    Each individual baby is new, but babies as a concept are not new


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