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This semester has been a

This semester has been a very interesting and fascinating journey. I have learned a great deal about the brain and behavior and hope have taught others some things as well through the forum and my web papers. I enjoyed all the discussions both in class and in the forum. This whole semester I would leave class or exit the forum, dizzy because of all the thoughts running through my mind. It's too bad that the class had to end because I still have so many questions to ask.

I loved how we learned about science through discussion and not lecture. I liked that the students were able to question and answer interesting topics ourselves with the guidance of Dr. Grobstein. Although somewhat confused at times, I feel like I learned a lot more than I would have in a traditional lecture.

My favorite topic this semester was no doubt the discussions about reality. Although we never got to a direct answer of what it is, I enjoyed the process we took to get to different conclusions. I know that everyone still has their own idea of what reality is, but I have learned this semester that any idea of reality can be right because they are all a hypothesis. I have learned that we cannot prove anything in science, but only find more evidence about a hypothesis. Therefore, we should not abandon any idea.

From Emily Dickenson to boxes to Christopher Reeves to the i-function, we have traveled so far. I can only thank Dr. Grobstein and my classmates for a great semester and expanding my knowledge of the nervous system and behavior.


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