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Labeled Lines

When our discussion on Thursday moved to address the box from the sensory side, we talked about pain in terms of a labeled line of functions being carried out. We then decided that because there exist phenomena such as phantom pain that could not happen if the labeled line held true that the labeled line theory is not the correct way to think of pain activity. What bothered me when thinking about this is that all medicinal practices in a way are based on the labeled line theories after several similar tests and observations over time. Medical treatment in the west begins with assessment of symptoms or tangible damage, then is compared to other cases from the practitioner's past experience and is then treated. The practitioner views the given sympton as the output of a direct line of little variance which leads them to name the source of the problem (origin of labeled line of actions that lead to the symptom). If we compare this to the pain example, then the practitioner is not accounting for several phenomena that could not be explained through the labeled line analyisis. Does that mean that all of my medical issues in the past have been typical?? hmmmm


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