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i feel you....

Yes, I, too. DOn't know exactly what that I-function is.

I think it is that little voice that comes on in your head when you want to do something or are about to do something. "I am going to walk. I am going to eat. I am hungry..." etc. Hence, its name, the "I"-function.

But how does this rope in with muscle memory?  Somethings, you don't order yourself to do.  You just do it.  Like what Molly said before about locking your keys in the car. You just tend to close the car door after you get out and if I function was really the case, then wouldn't you have been able to stop yourself before locking yourself out of the car?  The line seems so hazy and so complicated, I feel that I'm constantly questioning even my own thoughts....

So...I think we should have a uniform definition of "I-Function" and then move on, because I do not understand certain people's comments or arguements since I think we all have different ideas of what the i-function really is.



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