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architecture and higher probabilities

The discussion of the brain being a structure of many different neurons makes the explanation of our minds and souls being results of different combinations of chemical functions and physical functions a more probable hypothesis.

Not only are there so many different kinds of neurons and different ways to extract a specific output from one neuron, combining those individual combinations and multiplying those combinations by the numerous ways that these enurons can function as a whole just adds more and more infinite explanations to explain the variety of human behavior.

Yes, we do have the ability to trigger the same output with the same brain everytime, however, there may be many different ways to trigger one output. Also, maybe the reason why humans are so likely to make mistakes may also be due to the fact that as much as there are many ways to produce one output, there are so many ways to mess up and backfire, causing an output that was not initially intended.

And for muscle memory and memory "scores" with the neurons acting as an orchestra, there may be an original song, then a remix, a variation, etc. WHich is why, those who are more familiar with certain patterns of action can adapt easier to certain actions, such as dancers, pick up on choreography easier than those who have never danced before.


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