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Bag of Chemicals

Tuesday in class when the question of “Are we all just a bag of chemicals?” was posed I was vehemently opposed to thinking of myself as such and sided with the response that was given by a student. But, now a bit later, I don’t know if I would be opposed to thinking of humans as just a bag of chemicals. We all receive different stimulus’s that are turned into actions. So could someone smelling good, being a contributing factor of love? Duh, isn’t that one of the reasons why companies sell perfumes/cologne and the reason that we all buy them?  How about washing our hair? Buying clothes that flatter our eye color? We do these things because it makes someone feel pretty/good looking and thus we will exude confidence and hope that someone else will find that attractive. And yeah there are other things involved with love, but right now I am only talking about the early stages. The things that we do early on are geared towards being with somebody who responds to the stimulus’s that are provided by scent and touch and sight and all of that. I believe that we do make decisions based on the chemicals that make us happy, the chemicals that make us sad, relaxed or fearful- we are with a girlfriend/boyfriend because they make us happy, if we are or over the age of 21 then we drink to make us relaxed, we shop to make us happy, etc.


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