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Mind Doesn't = Brain to me...

I'm not sure I would equate "random" to "without a reason". It seems like if there is a higher force, everything has meaning and nothing is random, and the opposite is true if one doesn't believe in a greater force. But when it comes to an entity like our nervous system, I would argue that nothing is random, and that every action that occurs within it is the outcome of another action, from either within or without itself.

Also, what is the difference between having meaning and being predictable? I'm not sure I can think of these in the same terms. To me, meaning is associated to the "mind" part of us and predictability is associated with the "brain" part of us. I can't say that a neurotransmitter crossing a synapse has meaning, but it's action is predictable. Similarly, deciding to give up your seat on the subway or not return someone's wallet has meaning, and probably not as much, if any, predictability.


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