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I find your post very intriguing. That "How do you reach the thought of Mao Zhe Dong?" question seems like a good way of balancing the problem of the arrangement of neurons with the problem of finding inputs/outputs. It makes sense to me that even if two people have the same behavior -- and therefore the same arrangement of neurons -- at one particular moment, there is no reason to think they got to that arrangement through the same processes or that they looked at all the same the moment before. One ramification of that might be that if you give several people the same input they might all have different outputs. I wonder what it says about outputs, though. If a bunch of people perform the same behavior, and therefore their neurons probably look similar when they do so, does that say anything about how their neurons were arranged a minute before they did that? Should we even care about how arrangements came to be formed? (I think we should, if we're interested in whether or not outputs need inputs.)


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