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Hi! Sorry I'm a little late.

Hi! Sorry I'm a little late. My name's Marie Sager. I'm a senior history major at Bryn Mawr. I'm going to LAW SCHOOL next year (!!!) and am excited, believe it or not. I play tennis and as I write that, I think of a book my dad gave me in high school. It was about tennis, but it was about the mental aspect of the sport. It said that tennis was 90% mental, and 10% physical. To me, this ties in to the course (maybe would be a good web paper), but it shows how the brain, or the mind, I'm not sure which one, is SO important in something as minor as a sports game. And as I read and, simultaneously continued to play, I realized that as soon as my mental state of mind dissolved (I got frustrated, angry, upset) my strokes and phsyical fundamentals also dissolved, and FAST. I think this is an interesting connection. Even more, as I still play for Bryn Mawr's college team, the connection still, sometimes unfortunately, fully applies.


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