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Hi Everyone, my name is Elizabeth Ver Hoeve. As it stands, I am trying to pull of a biology major, spanish minor, and concentrations in gender and sexuality and NBS. As a freshman, I took the Story of Evolution and the Evolution of the Story with Prof. Grobstein. It was in this course that I first began to question the world around me. Having never been the girl who "always had the right answer for everything", the idea that there was no one truth was very intriguing and also very encouraging.

At Bryn Mawr, I am on the varisty swim team and the varisty tennis team (through I currently have stress fractures in both tibias...ouch...). Over the summer, I worked in a neurobiology lab in Madison, WI (my hometown) studying maternal aggression in mice. Because this was my first time participating in a real lab setting, it was my first glimpse at how research is actually conducted (I did not see any linear science going on!). It was also because of this experience that I decided that neurobiology was in fact something that I am genuinely interested in- I am really excited about this class and about learning more about this complex field.


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