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Joining the party late...

Hello every and all, my name is Jessica Krueger (pronounced Krieger, it's a Wisconsin-thing as far as I know). I am a senior at Bryn Mawr with a dual major in German and Psychology with the NBS concentration. I'm thesising this semester, so as I'm sure you can guess I plan on having a relaxing, controlled semester. After I leave Bryn Mawr I'd like to work in Germany for a while and then enroll in a postbacc course with the hope of someday becoming a physician.

The only real interesting thing I bring to this course is a preference for and fairly solid background in Behavior Analysis. That means my definition of behavior differs somewhat from the course (to quote Professor Neuman: "Behavior is what living things do that dead ones don't."). Causality will also be a sticking point for me throughout the course, as most behavior analysts see the cause of behavior in consequences.

Within the field of Neuroscience I'm interested in receptor sub-type specifity, perception, the use of animal models, the development of language, then construction of the sense of reality by the brain, the evolution of a concept of self, and general neuroanatomy and neurophysiology.


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