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Hi I am Michelle Khilji and am currently a junior here at Bryn Mawr. I am an Economics Major but Pre-Med Student. The only exposure to neurobiology is what I learned last year in Introduction to Biology. I was interested in taking a Psychology course but realized that this course seems more geared to whatever topics I may find as more interesting. From my economics major many of the principles of consumer and demand are based on the behavior of consumers and producers--the market essentially relies on how individuals react to change in prices, etc.

One topic that is interesting to me is depression. Many people in my family have been recently diagnosed with depression or bipolar--and it has been difficult as some make the argument that depression is all "pschological, and therefore nothing is really wrong chemically". I would like to learn more about depression and find out for myself whether the fact that it seems more and more people are being diagnosed is mainly because of the fact that science is getting better--or if there may be an outside element impacting the rise in depression in at least this country if not the world.

I am really excited for this semester and am willing to listen and learn from my peers.


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