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Hi my name is Margaux and I am currently a freshman at Bryn Mawr. As a pre med, I plan on double majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neural and Behavioral Science (wish I could have majored in neuroscience!) and French. This is my frist neurobiology course, but I hope that I can contribute to the conversations by sharing my experiences as a shadow student in neurology and neurosurgery departments both in Dallas and overseas, and also as a volunterr with mentally disabled children. I followed the head of the neurology department at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas and attended a couple of neurosurgeries in France. I also shadowed a neurologist during his office consultations and hospital visits. I have been fascinated with the brain and its complex inner workings for as long as I can remember and would like to become a pediatric neurologist. When I lived in South Africa, I helped a clinical psychologist work with children who had cerebral palsy with horse therapy. I am wondering how the rhythmic movements of the horse affect the brain of these children? Which region of the brain is being stimulated? I am also interested in sleep disorders. In sleep apnea, people unintentionally hold their breath for periods of time and wake up feeling as if they had never fallen asleep. What makes their brain different from ours? My sister has reflex sympathetic dystrophy and I was wondering why the pain migrates to new locations in the body? Not much is known about this disease and it is often misdiagnosed. I would love to explore anything that has to do with the human brain and I'm really looking foward to learning more about this fascinating subject!


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