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Retyping lost comment...
I am unsure if comment was posted it disappeared and comment field reset..
so here I am starting again
I have a question on sensory shutdown which is momentary.
I experience this frequently and it appears to be governed by stress and a decreasing tolerance to stress. The eyes snap closed and although episodes appear to be only 1-2 seconds in length it appears as a total loss of consciouness and mental images totally unrelated to surrounds are recalled momentarily. These appear quite spiritual in nature and are random.

This appears to be associated with a type of fatigue eeven though adequate sleep has been had. Emotional stress can increase the impact of this in a 24 hour period. Greater period of rest appear to alleviate. Tension and anxiety although controlled it appears that episodes can result from a panic like state where inadqueacy in coping with tasks at hand or lack of knowledge appear to stimulate.

No medical help appears available. It appears some medication, diet or behavior changes may be required to get to bottom of.

The symptoms appear to be like the brain is trying to protect the eyes as it is associated with looking at a computer screen. This has been a long term issue. Other syptoms may help to get to bottom of.

The actions are totally involuntary and there is no or limited control of them occuring. Also they appear to occur in a cyclic pattern as periods without can be experienced in a day.


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