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If it is the CA that is

If it is the CA that is responsible for a human's behavior, it is like saying that nature or nurture has no part in a human's personality. It is difficult enough to balme to nature or nurture for particular behavior of a human. To say that CA is all reason for a human's expression means that all that upbringing and situations played absolutely no part in molding the personality.

Or maybe CA is somewhat responsible. Maybe the situations that people are placed into are random, and the behavior is the result of CA and alogrithms. And if the behavior is said to be "wrong" then the machine/program or in this case, the human is punished, just the way the program was punished - someone posted about this earlier. Maybe it is the CA that is the program and it is just called nurture.

But what about the times that humans make a mistake again even after the time that they are punished? Isn't it impossible for an algorithm to do that?

And, at this point even I am confused and don't know what I am saying!


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