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I found the book!

So, I finally tracked down the title and author of the book I was talking about last week. It is called "Exciting nirvana: a daughter's life with autism" and it is by Clara Claiborne Park. The girl's name is Jessie, and she is apparantly now in her mid 40s. Unfortunately, the paperback book that is on amazon does not really show her drawings, but you would get a better sense of what the book is about, if you read their description. As you can see by the fact that the book is rated with 4.5 stars by the amazon reviewers, it is an excellent book! Oh, and by the way, I found out by looking through some other pages that  the author was actually a faculty member at Williams College (not Amherst!) I apologize for that mistake.

I was really surprised when I was looking at some other pages, and swa that one page described the book by using  the word emergence. This is what it said:

"In this moving, eloquent memoir, we see Jessy's progressive journey out of her isolated "Nirvana" into the world we all share. It is an honest and captivating story of emergence, perseverance, and love."



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