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Honestly, this was the most

Honestly, this was the most fulfilling class I think I've ever taken. As a freshman, you can come in and find yourself bogged down the same way you were in high school, being taught things one way and with one objective. But in this class, I never felt bogged down, and we definitely discovered more than one way to look at everything we approached. I most enjoyed the freedom of topics on the webpapers, because you always learn best when it's something you're interested in and actually WANT to learn about. I also loved being able to just let my imagination go and realizing that science is not an authority, its just a good collection of sensible stories. I'm not necessarily an inquisitive person, especially when it comes to the world around me. HOWEVER, after this class I find myself looking at something and going, "well why is that so?" And when someone gives me the textbook explanation, I say, "well that's one story".


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