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The End?

When I first started the class, I was interesting in genetic makeup, what made us different from one another, and, as I stated in my introduction, if "we could all be compared to a certain standard" (this was in relation to the New York Times article "Can fat be fit?", which I eventually wrote a web paper on).  What we discussed in class this semester was very interesting and further help me to answer my questions.  I enjoyed our discussions and they helped me to understand more about biology.

What will stick with me after this class is the whole idea of "science as a storytelling process".  I feel that really explains what we've been learning in class this semester.  Nothing is "right" or "true", but we can always disprove and find out what is "not true".  Science (in many aspects) will not stay the same, but will be changing for the rest of our lives. 


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