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Week Ten (Wed, 3/30): Paneling Some More

Roosters, Rice and Cultural Spice

I. coursekeeping

4 notetakers today:
MissArcher2, Apo, tangerines, shin10681111
(apologies, but needed to re-arrange due to panel assignments)

last night we skyped w/ MIT's biological engineers

for Monday: read as much as you can of Mary Shelley's 1816
novel Frankenstein (it's very hard to talk about 1/2 a novel....)
the MIT class has already read/discussed/posted about that novel,
and we'll be weaving some of their electronic conversation in w/ ours...
still experimenting w/ the possibilities!

papers due @ midnight on Friday, theorizing about the collective experiences you presented on (or learned about from) the panel, or doing a creative piece illustrating these experiences; there's lotsa inspiration in the last set --> ekthorp (who performed Amelia Earhart) mapped her flights on different maps of the world; Franklin20 (who performed a celebrity photographer) did a photo essay; Riki (who was a performance artist in the panel) did a performance art piece outside the campus center, and documented the event

(reminder: if you DON'T do this paper,
you need to make a regular posting on Friday)

per tangerines' request, we'll take some time @ the end of class today to tell one another what we plan to write about

two panels today

We've ask each panel member, of each panel of 9,
to prepare a 3-minute mini-presentation ahead of time,
in which you will introduce yourself,
tell us what group you are representing,
why this group is of interest to GIST,
and how the intersections embedded in GIST have affected your group.

We have asked all 19 audience members to review the list of panelists ahead of time, to come ready w/ some more directed questions to explore more deeply the significance of the groups and their inter-actions, intra-actions and experiences with GIST.

Group Two (Liz)
spreston: facebook users
smile: political groups of the young people in the Arab world during the revolutions against their regimes
MSA322: music in Arabic revolutions
jlebouvier: Wampanoags in 1620s
J.Yoo: redditors
Hilary_Brashear: modern US midwives
vgaffney: psychiatrists
kelliott: cyberpunks
cara: inhabitants of Guiyu, China (profoundly affected by e-waste)

[rubikscube: contemporary composers will check in electronically]

Group Three (Anne)
phreNic: Victorian era prostitutes
merlin: the first humans to use tools
fawei: scientists behind the human genome project
kgould: gamers
ekthorp: Nerdfighteria
Marina: deaf community
Oak: Female Science Fiction Writers
Riki: neurotypicals
tiffany: surgeons

III. tell one another about your papers

Hearing what others were interested in was really fascinating and got me thinking about different questions to consider in my own paper.

tangerines and Apo: writing a skit in which a social scientist, scientist, computer scientist and humanist talk about how to respond to the disaster in Japan

would be delighted to have some more co-written projects: a conversation between users of a late-term abortion clinic and a women's hospital? between the "community" of youtubevideo makers and video gamers? between X-Men and US immigrants, between....?

for example, 4 students in "the other class" have created a Facebook page for their final project: What is the Role of Fiction in Science? (A Discussion)

course notes by MissArcher2, Apo, tangerines, shin10681111