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Class Summary

In class on Tuesday Anne began talking about the posts on BM culture and stating that she felt that there was a sense of goodbye in many of them. I found this interesting, as I being one of the ones who posted saying goodbye, feel a need to do so at the end of a project, relationship….etc. Anne only stayed on the goodbye topic for a matter of seconds which I found interesting. Our society places much pomp and circumstance on our final goodbyes in death to loved ones at funerals, but it seems to me at the end of something we work on intensely in our lives we just move on, not acknowledging the other people who have traveled with us on the journey, or not acknowledging our own places we have come from and where we have landed…we do not give power to endings, to closure, to new beginnings. We just move on.

We spoke about Bryn Mawr culture and the disabling or enabling affects. Some students felt social difficulties and others felt academic difficulties due to BMC culture. Some students shared personal experiences of how they finally chose to come to Bryn Mawr College and their struggles with actually getting to Bryn Mawr College. We talked about the Summer School program for Women Workers that M. Cary Thomas started and how it impacted the three McBride students in the class.  Anne educated us on the Posse Program and how it began.

In my opinion, in comparison to other classes, I felt there was“quietness” amongst the women. I know for me it is hard to say goodbye though I know I will see most of you again on campus, in the library, in another class, or in the next dorm room over, but it will never be the same, intimate group situation we experienced in Storytelling as Inquiry.  


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