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Motivations and the Heart

I know only a few people have posted, but most of the postings seem focused on the author's "Coming to Bryn Mawr" story: how they came to be here, how they felt about coming here, and the reactions of their friends and family. Seeing how most of our reading focused on how Bryn Mawr was begun, this makes sense.

I too am compelled to share my story:

Because of my relationship with my parents, in preparation for the college application process I completely ignored any schools nearby- I flat out refused to even think about UPenn, Drexel, and even Bryn Mawr. Swarthmore was my only concession to the wealth of colleges in the Philadelphia area.

I was familiar with Bryn Mawr: my aunt is an alum, and my mother's best friend is the modern dance instructor here and often requests my mother's aid in creating costumes for the fall and spring dance shows. I often would come with Mom to bryn mawr to snip threads and take measurements.

What this came down to was I simply did not want to consider bryn mawr as a viable choice for my college life.

This changed a few days before the due date for bryn mawr's application: my father convinced me to apply for his sake. Not even to consider the college itself, just to apply to see if I would get in. I agreed, but with some reservations. I still wasn't interested in attending bryn mawr.

After the chaos was over, I hadn't been accepted to my top two choices Cornell and Wesleyan. I did, however, have several good options in my safety schools Drexel, University of Delaware, and Temple. I had been accepted to Bryn Mawr but STILL felt unsettled at the thought of actually attending.

Something strange happened when I attended Accepted Student's weekend, though. I knew that I was comfortable at bryn mawr, that I felt at home and accepted even before I had decided where to go. However, being stubborn, I refused to admit it outloud to myself or anyone else. It was inconceivable for me to let myself think that I could succeed at bryn mawr.

I eventually ended up choosing bryn mawr based (as I thought, anyway) soley on financial aid. I still felt unsettled two weeks before Customs Week began.

It wasn't until I really began packing that I realized that I was looking forward to going to bryn mawr, that I was excited about not just the academics but the campus, these women, the environment, the dorms, the activities, everything.

Ever since I decided to let my desires be heard, I have been ecstatic to return, sad to leave, glad to have, joyously celebrating the freedom and community that Bryn Mawr has given me. There is nothing else in my life that can compare to how I feel about this college as a whole. this is something that I don't really feel that my parents understand: they see bryn mawr as only a very good an academic institution. I know this assessment to be lacking in several areas, but I do not argue.

I rather enjoy keeping my happiness to myself. It lets me treasure my "mistake" all the more.


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