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This is clearly keeping me up nights...

I must really love this class, because it drives me up the wall when I miss it.

I had a hard time reading The Heidi Chronicles, and I'm really wondering whether or not it had to do with missing class. I feel like I gain so much perspective on the readings and absorb so much more from them after a nice heated debate or two. I'm also a very visual person, so I have a hard time reading stage directions and such, without acting them out or seeing them interpreted and performed by someone else.

In spite of this difficulty, I absorbed and enjoyed enough to agree with Abs when it comes to the "Hello New York" scene. I was so wildly frustrated by both Peter and Scoop. I read the play on Sunday, and that anger still sticks (maybe because I didn't get to work out the kinks with the class). I second Abby's notion that Peter and Scoop blend to become a single, oppressing voice and force against Heidi. I feel like this is where Matos' point comes in effectively-- I expected (wanted?) Peter to be inherently better than Scoop, whether for his homosexuality (which could put him on the same plane of oppression as Heidi, as a female feminist) or for the simple fact that he knew Heidi so well. I'm inclined to go back and re-read the Chronicles, to see if Peter redeems himself in my eyes or just lets me down.



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