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From Facebook (catching up 2) 5 June

BiCo Dalun Fellows Meet Nima: Muhinmanchi Art. Wow! Today Robin Riskin, Haverford '12 and her co-founders and colleagues Larry and Musah met with the Fellows in Accra. They visited the Nima library and viewed the Painting for Peace and Imagine Accra murals as they learned about NMA's vision for community art and/as social transformation. They ate dinner together and continued conversation about community impact, participation, vision, relationships, and possible new connections. Wow.  Robin wrote, "This afternoon and evening were wonderful. I picked the group up at the hotel, and we did a small presentation on NMA at the Nima Library before heading to a delicious dinner at Buka. The fellows asked the most thoughtful and engaged questions...regarding our community impact, relations, participants, vision, etc... They were even brainstorming with us how to achieve our future goals and what kind of contacts they could link us with. Sumaila said he wished he were in Accra more often so he could come join us. :)" 


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