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can't help, can't change

Grace Zhou's picture

I was struggling in ZW, in those people’s conversation when I read the book. Many times, they arouse the sense of agreement and belonging for me. I felt so depressed when I read the conversations between Felix and his ex Annie, when she refuse and ridicule the help Felix wants to offer and the optimism he wants to express. Felix wants to change and has hope. It’s like a light in a dark room, making me feel warm. But Annie is so cruel that her smashes the dream:” you are lucky that you are happy... and you want everyone to be happy and good because you are…does it never occur to you some people might not find life as easy to live as you do?” It’s so true! I am desperate when I read it because I am the person like Felix- who always wants to help, wants to change, to influence others in a way that I think is better, but perhaps they don’t like it at all. I can’t help anyone. I feel isolated because they can accept what I regard as horrible situation. Maybe I will further think this point and relate to the city- a indifferent and fragmented world collaged by the indifferent people.