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National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education

The National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education, better known as "NITLE," is an organization and network of liberal arts institutions focused on strategically integrating technology into the liberal arts mission. NITLE provides its member institutions with consultation, models for cross-campus collaboration, and testing grounds for new ideas and approaches. It's three major categories are Shared Academics, Shared Libraries, and Shared Practice. Within each category, NITLE hosts seminars, opportunities for students and faculty, and toolkits. Their open resources include case studies on blended learning in liberal arts colleges, a collection of essays and articles on the integration of digital humanities in liberal arts education, and networking through email lists. NITLE has over 150 network members, including colleges, universities, and other educational organizations. If your institution is a member, you can access the full slate of NITLE's seminars and resources.


Types of OER:
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Tutorials


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