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the difficulties of changing society

I found this reading to be interesting despite the fact that it overviewed aspects of knowledge that most of us are already know of since we experience it everyday.

The reading discussed how conformity creates a culture through beliefs, race or gender. This got me to think about the difficulties of changing a culture. The reading discussed people with disabilities and having trouble traveling in cultures that are not accessible to handicapped. However, such a change in a culture is easy enough. What is difficult is changing the thoughts and beliefs of a society to the point where it affects everyone and even changes the culture. Martin Luther King did not find this task easy. His struggle to create an entirely new culture which accepted African Americans shows that such a change needs to have enough people to apply force at the right time to create change. It only takes on person to create change, but the minimum amount of people to change a society is enough to cause everyone else to question the cultural norms.


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