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I found this reading to be

I found this reading to be really interesting, but... I'm not sure how much I agree with it. Well, I do and I dont, but I feel like some of the things they are pointing out are fairly obvious -- different cultures clash. The majority culture sets the majority norms, making it seem as if the minority norms are not as...normal. I really liked the blind man's world story though, I thought it highlighted their ideas very well.

I'm not sure, though, what the authors are purposing we do about this culture as disability. They make it out to be such a bad thing, but offer no alternative -- to have absolutely no culture? Culture is inevitable, unavoidable. We create culture and in doing so we create disablities, but if culture is unavoidable, aren't disablities as well? I don't know. This reading pointed out a lot of really interesting ideas, but I'm wondering what is the (intended?) impact of this knowledge on the world?


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