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PS- Feminist (Lesbian?) Poetry

I would have liked to read some feminist perpectives on heterosexual sex.

If feminism is about, for many of us I think, attaining equality of body/choice/opportunity with men, wouldn't it make sense to read some love poetry about man and woman together?

What do feminists have to say about making love to the oppressor, subjugator?

Its not that I haven't appreciated the scintillating and erotic lesbian love poetry that we have read.... but I feel that we have yet to really discuss the interesting perpective/dichotomy of the feminist who loves the "enemy".

The closest we could have come, I think, is in Kindred, but it wasn't actually discussed nor do I think that specific novel could have produced a particularly fruitful discussion.

I know this is an obvious statement, but not all feminists are lesbians. So, how do these non-lesbian feminists resolve the dichotomy between their love and thier political ideals of privilege and lack thereof?

Am I the only one interested in this discussion or do others in the class feel bored/jaded by it? Perhaps it is old news/thoughts for some or just of no interest to others... but I think it is a perspective  and discussion our class has been missing. 


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