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back to the past

Both essays took me back to my culture, of the few things I love and appretiate about the place I grew up in is the stories told, like in the Publo essay, in Mexico there are many stories that can be told about a word or a phrase, a particularity of our culture are the refranes we constantly use. As I was reading that particular essay I was having a conversation with one of my friends in Mexico and as we were joking I said a frase that all of the sudden made me parallel my culture with the reading. Also, in telling a story we end up telling several stories within a story, and that is something I had never realized before.

With the Bali essay I was amazed of the cockfight ritual, we also have cockfights in Mexico, they are not as popular as they were 20 or 30 years ago but there are still of great importance in some rural areas, I have never actually seen one, but I do know that just like in Bali is all about male pride. It's an irony that I love bullfights but think that cockfights, dogfights and horse and dog races are horrible.


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