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I have to agree with

I have to agree with carterian in the fact that I was frustrated with the Pueblo stories because they left them open ended and I wanted to know more.  Why did the young girl committ suicide; just becasue her mother scolded her for bring home snakes instead of wood.  That is honestly absurd.  These Pueblo stories are supposed to teach a lesson of some sort, so what is the lesson from this story-committ suicide if u bring home snakes instead of wood-ridiculous.  Also, with the story about the woman who lost her husband, but then applied for the job in the Keans Canyon, we never know what happens once she arrives.  I wanted to know more details about these stories, but they seemed to be left open ended, which personally annoys me. 


However, I was extremely interested in the sory about Bali and the anthrologist who visited.  This story gave so much information into the background of cock fighting and the meaning behind it all.  I have much to say about this story, but that would go on forever, but one thing that I will say is that I think that the information about the cock fighting, especially the betting part went on for too long and I lost interest quickly and had to skip around the page. 


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