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Culture adds a whole new

Culture adds a whole new dimension to our understanding of tacit knowledge. Prior to reading these works, I would have argued that there is some tacit understanding of and sympathizing with animals. I always thought that it takes a very cruel human being to abuse an animal. However, reading about the cock fighting and the customs made me see that it is not a universal understanding, but mostly a cultural one. I can't say that I was unaffected when reading the story, or that I would be willing to go to a cock fight just for the experience because I believe that I would be too upset by it, despite the knowledge that I have gained by reading about it. I do understand that this is a very spiritual custom, the fact that men consider the cock to be a part of them is interesting. Yet, with all of this information because of my tacit understanding, or rather the tacit understanding of my culture, I would be unable to watch a cock fight.

I found the story-telling exhibited by Pueblos to be interesting, but at the same time frustrating. I wanted to know more! The story of the girl who drowns herself was so frustrating for me. I wanted to get more details in her so sudden and dramatic change in feelings. Also, the story about the woman who got a job, we don't learn to much about the job or the change that went on in her life, we merely know that an enormous change occurs. I wish that I had the power to appreciate what is offered to me in these stories, rather than having to have more. That is a wonderful talent that these people have. The fact that they can immerse themselves in the power of a story that has no beginning or end is amazing to me.


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