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Kim's Soduko Portfolio

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Date Time Comment
July 13/10 Morning / afternoon I was tough this morning how to play the game. and this afternoon we did it as a class it was enjoyable to play with everyone. I can certainly understand why this is a part of our course, it will make you think and reason. It is not a game that you can guess what is the next move, if you guess you will run the risk of messing up the whole game.  
 July 14th  

 updating trying to get it but I do not like playing it by my self

July 15/16   Played a game with a group this week and it was so much better then doing it alone. it was such a team effort. Although we were playing as a group we all had our own strategies of how to fill the box. it was very informing to hear the difference and to be able to learn how the other person was getting their answers.

July 19,20,


Could not even get to the game in the past few days. but I am going to go for it tomorrow.


July 21 Afternoon I WAS WINING!  I hit a button and lost the winning game. I am done with this thing for the day
July 22 Afternoon I am really getting good at this game.
But I keep hitting the backspace button and I keep losing my puzzle that I have worked so hard to solving. I seem to have found my own method and it works for me, do not ask me to explain it now. But soon I will be able to out my method in to words. Until next time.

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