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The more we look the less we know

However trite the saying may be, I feel like the more we look the less we know. Every question we ask is met with more questions that tend to confuse and complicate the original question. Are we errors? My section talked extensively about this question, but inevitably the question made us reexamine how we define evolution (a question no one was really capable of tackling, and a question I could not even begin to wrap my fingers around). Unfortunately, without these questions there would be not drive to search for answers and without answers we as a species, a term we could also never fully define, would be lost (lost in the sense that we would never know or come to any sort of understanding about the world surrounding us). Scattered throughout the early chapters in Dennett’s book he poses numerous questions, all of which we assume he will answer within the confines of his book. I will be interested reading this book to see whether or not Dennett is actually able to answer these questions, or simply create new ones (confusing the already confused story of evolution).


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