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The Blind Dream; This is Fascinating!

Wow....I actually found this to be quite interesting. Blind people dreaming; that truly is ground-breaking. I suppose what fascinates me so much about this is that we are taught as children certain things. We are taught the alphabet, our colors, morals, what a bus looks like, I mean everything. I bet you that most, if not all, of that learning was acquired via sight. We know that things exist because not only were we taught them, we can see them (well most things, and let us not include religion...that's a whole different conversation!) So, how is it that the blind can dream things that were not seen before? Unless the imagination takes you a lot farther than we can truly imagine, I continue to be stumped by this very question. For them to be able to dream up objects, everday activities, and other things amazes me. I can attest to the blind having dreams. My cousin is blind, and when I asked him about his dreams, he told me that he dreams a lot about different things, and in his dreams he "sees" things; he visualizes objects and day-to-day routines, and the average extraordinary dreams that we all have from time-to-time.  I do hope that these researchers continue to explore the world, the mind, and the dreams of the blind, for they are quite interesting it seems.

Jayme E. Hopkins, '08


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