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W/F ired Together

In class we talke about neurons all being the same. They all have the same basic structure and they carry out the same basic function of carrying signals across the body and brain. The difference between them are the networking and the patterns at which they fire. If this is so, then like-neurons, would be those that fire at a similar time all the time. For epilepsy patients, during an epileptic seizure, the brain fires action potentials at an unhealthy rate. For most, the same areas of the brain are affected and the patient will usually suffer the same symptoms with each occurence. Does this mean that the neurons that are being fired during a seizure are all like neurons? And if so, out of adaptation, will these like neurons link together in a synaptic network in order to become more efficient over time? I think this could be an interesting idea in ways our bodies can work against us. The nervous systme would be facilitating future seizures.


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