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As mentioned by many in the

As mentioned by many in the above posts, this week's reading was a tad depressing.  The Last Hippie is an unusual story (very sad) and brings to light the importance of our consciousness and unconsciousness working in tandem.  To me, what happened with Greg is that the tumor destroyed his more "conscious" mind, thus, his brain and body functioned almost entirely on the unconscious.  Unconsciously, he would remember certain details from his past; skills like playing the guitar, and specific memories.

Something I found particularly interesting was his denial of his blindness.  Greg is not denying his blindness because of pride, or stubborness, but because he honestly doesn't think that he is blind.  In a sense, he had forgotten the concept of "seeing" and "looking" altogether.  Instead, he associated his current actions (listening and assigning mental pictures) as "seeing" and doesn't even remember his past sighted life. 


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