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For our experiment, we were

For our experiment, we were testing to see if caffine had any effect on a person's reaction time. We first tested all of our base scores. Here are the averages.

Samar: ND- 0.169 seconds, MD- 0.0383, RT- 0.2057

Catrina: ND- .1255, MD- 0.0475, RT- 0.173

Ruth: ND-0.188, MD- 0.333, RT- 0.245


Then we tested the caffeinated Samar after she chugged one can of normal Red Bull. Her new average times were

Samar (caffeinated): ND- 0.065, MD- 0.036, RT- 0.1013

As you can see, Samar's times were decreased after taking the caffine, especially the neural delay. We think that caffine has some effect on the central nervous system, which decreases the reaction time. Our observations support the story, found in Samar's first webpaper, that caffeine binds to neural receptors.

A further question we could explore is how caffeine withdrawal effects reaction time. We could test one of us (probably Ruth, who is an addict) after not having had any caffeine, and see what kind of effect it has.


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