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too much going on @ the same time

Well after today's conference my intial plan ended having too many things going on at the same time without a solid structure that related to tacit knowledge. My focus at the moment is gender roles, the question would be if they are learned or they come up naturally. Taking the experiences of women who do not see themselves as females I'm trying to find out how their bodies tell them they are not what the common standards define as a female. From mannerisms to dreams, actually Anne mentioned how some women are sometimes called Sr. by mistake, how did that make them feel? I know I've been called Sr. before and it's to me was the funniest thing ever, but I have mixed feelings about it. 

Right now I have a series of basic questions regarding gender roles and I'm trying to make up more personal ones, I have four women I'm going to interview during the next couple of days, some of them I've never met and one is one of my best friends, she's someone who I have often touched this subject and we both feel very interested in it.



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