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GIST Entanglements

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 Originally for this webpaper, I intended to write about how the films Tron Legacy, Teknolust, and Conceiving Ada incorporate themselves into and challenge the theories discussed about the intra-actions of gender, information, science and technology. However, such a focus could manifest itself into a thesis/ dissertation, and I unfortunately do not have the immediate time to achieve that project on a quickly approaching deadline. Nevertheless, I am happy to have settled down into analyzing and theorizing how GIST intersects indirectly using Karen Barad’s concept of entanglements.



 Now... tying back into my original question, "how does GIST manifest itself into our world?" I would argue that the question at the root of this course is what it means to be human, how a human extends itself through the cyborg. In the presentation above,  a slide presented how I would re-organize the course. It listed that I would first go about defining information according to our understanding of noise and how it is recognized. According to that noise, I then argue that science emerges as a way to process the noise into categories for further study. Those categories is what allows the evolution of technology, however with that evolution, it is impossible to let of go of the categories established in order to achieve that type of advancement. Further, I question if it is possible to mark ourselves and our environment through technological advancements without conforming to the cosmetic notion of perfection? Ultimately, how do we categorize ourselves without sustaining a binary? I argue that it is impossible to disentangle ourselves from the product we aim to achieve because humans do not know how to be objective since our body is what we know best.


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Re-ordering the Course!

I'm really grateful that you took the opportunity of this project to replay and reorganize the course. When Liz and I designed it, we were most "uncertain" about the information module, but what you say about it here, the way you actually use it to anchor the whole course, and the way in which, in your last "event," you are "taking information seriously," helps me to recognize, belatedly, how central it was to our conception of what was going on here, among our various "entanglements."

So: what drops out, in your re-organization of the course, is gender. Want to tell me some more about that ellipsis? Might it come last, rather than first, in the re-ordered course, as an example of one of the "technologies" that we use to organize and alter our world??