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I remember learning about

I remember learning about Piaget's studies in psychology class and being fascinated with the whole process of language aquisition.  I especially find the it amazing that a person can be bilingual, trilingual etc. because of all the intricacies involved in language.

On the subject of the paper due very soon, I had taken notes on many varieties of unconscious behaavior, so I think that I will isolate my paper to cover different unconscious movements we have throughout the day.  I noticed in myself that there is a correlation between the amount of weird unconscious movement (e.g. leg twitching) and my level of involvement in an activity.  for example, I discovered that if I was engaged in an "active type" activity such as reading outloud or an art project, i was less likely to do any odd unconscious movements.  I'll probably have to interview and observe my friends a little bit as well in order to come up with more concrete conclusions. 


On a completely random note, word association if one of the most interesting unconscious type things ever.  A friend of mine decided that the word "pineapple" reminded her of "cheese". Hmmm.


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